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Is Mca Motor Club Of America A Scam ? No it's Not, Look At My Review

In this video I...(Demetris Gorham,) is going to show you

how I went from literally ZERO all from one blog & video.

You can STOP searching for proof of the

MCA scam and looking all over for ” mca reviews“ ,

In fact, RIGHT NOW I want you to pay

attention to the words on this page.

I’m here to let you know, you’ve come

to the right place and I’m here

to enlighten you with abundance, and

 a full disclosure on this company...

...that has changed my LIFE and made it a living hell at times lol

because no company out here is

perfect in this market place. So, (in this MCA scam review, I’m going to give

 you everything you need to know before

“deciding to take action ” on a yet mistake, but,

possibly, a powerful decision for you and your family.

But, I would be lying to

you if I said everyone just gets into this thing, and

start making LOTS of money from

jump because…its not true!

In fact, a lot of people fail to even MAKE a little over

a couple thousand dollars from this

company, and the sad part is that’s NOT

even a lot of money on the internet.

Ironically, the internet is powerful and especially when it comes

down to “online scams” or Pyramid Schemes.

 How I got Involved in Motor Club of America

The Sol-Called Mca Scam ?

 To make a long story short, I don’t blame

you for wanting to do research

so I actually congratulate you for doing...

....proper research like an educated

person does…because lets be real,a lot of

people you see promoting MCA have NO

MARKETING background or no education WHATSOEVER,

 on how to do this properly.  So,  it would make

sense to why millions of people

went doing research on this company


BEFORE just throwing their money into this opportunity.

I was even one of those Motor Club Of America MCA skeptics at

one point of time, JUST LIKE YOU.

Constantly landing on article after

article, on video after video.

I found my self running in a loop WITH No real


I just saw broke people flashing money , and

not saying I wasn’t broke at the time, but heck!

I knew a scam when I saw one.

Only broke people are that low

to where they would scam innocent people who

work their cooperate jobs for a living,

and not getting over on 87% of the population in america.

So I was being real careful on how I approached this MCA opportunity.

I didn’t have lots of money,

probably nothing over a couple hundred bucks.

I actually didn’t even consider

my job a way of living at the time,

making about $80 a week!

 See, it all started when I was 18 in high school,

graduating around summer 2012. After that day and moment,

I was ready for whatever because, I had

 ...already made plans I wasn’t going

to college and that was final! Even

though my MOM and dad wanted me to

go, I just knew it was time I start Taking Action

on my own decisions.

Have you ever noticed a time you felt powerful and followed through

with the feeling and things turned out

THE BEST? Well, thats what DIDN’T happen

for me; Unfortunately I wasn’t  YOUR

 typical African American teenager.

Lets be real,  thats all you saw

promoting this thing in a periodic manner


 But, around the time I graduated, I had to get a job. I really didn’t have

a way of supporting my needs when my

parents couldn’t afford to support me;

because, as a teenager I understood

“struggle”,”pain”, and I had to suffer at very early age.

I even lost my friend on my birthday Aug 29, 2011, around 12:30am EST.

That was the day that changed my whole demeanor

and my purpose for being

put here on this earth, so thats

when I decided to go job hunting.

Luckily, for me …my aunt worked at the zoo and I got a job there

and boy DID I hate that job; My boss treated me

like crap, and I found my self spending

more money than I make at my own job lol,

what type of stuff is that?

 Furthermore, I knew I wasn’t going to be there long.

So I eventually, started doing side hustles,

like Ebay and selling dre beats to Craigslist Strangers.

But one day ” I got Robbed At Gun Point”….

and Thats when i stopped dealing

with Craigslist and Started looking into this DEAL

with people flashing money

with blue cards and all that

so I started to google words like mca review,

Motor Club Of America Scam.

Once again, all I kept seeing was

money flashing  pics, models & drop TOPS!

So I started to dig

deeper, by reading blogs on sites I found in google

 and every other site you can think of. But then,

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