Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 Motor Club Of America Review: Top Earner Demetris Gorham Breaks Down The Facts

As you're reading this blog you probably just got done 
scrolling through my YouTube channel,  saw me on 
Faebook, or maybe even just read one of 
my high-converting emails! 

Well wherever you found me, 
just know you've landed on the right…
"MCA scam review" or motor club of America review. 

So relax, and enjoy some of this free 
information you’re about to soak in about 
Motor club of America… 

Im pretty sure you've seen me on the blogs, on 
YouTube, Facebook, and all the other 
well known social media sites. 

I am the 20 year old guy who's also known as 
"The Guru Slayer" in MCA…
When it comes to the ends and out of 
this MCA business,

 there are a lot of things you should know, 
...especially if you're brand new kinda like how 
YOU reading this blog.. 
I know you're probably thinking .. 

"How would he know if I'm brand new"? I mean, 
let's just be honest , I'm pretty sure you came to 
Google searching "is MCA a scam”, 
"MCA scam review" "motor club of America review” 
"is MCA legit"?.  

It's apparent you may have questions about this 
"work from home opportunity” 

or you may have seen someone 
flashing money on the internet promoting 
this company  which has brought you to do research.. 

I totally get it! Don't worry I was skeptical too, 
when I first thought about joining MCA. 

I had no experience whatsoever selling online, 
beside selling iPhones on Ebay! 
But, I can surely guarantee you that this 
is a 100% legit work from home opportunity, 

and it has helped me retire from my boring 
job at the "Zoo of Atlanta" when I was Just 18 years old. 

Hell, I've made over 6-figures with this so called 
"MCA scam".. So there you have it people! Yes. MCA IS REAL...Ok, 
so now that the elephant has left the room, let's dig right in..(: 

MCA is a well known company that has been around for 
years providing legit services...Noo, 
I did not start out making shit loads of money when I 
first joined this MCA business.. 

Matter of fact, it took me months to catch on and 
 start earning the big bucks with this company.

What many people don't know is, that when it
comes to Motor Club of America or MCA, you don't have to be a 
"Marketing Guru” to succeed in this business…Everyday 
sources like, Facebook, Google, Youtube, etc are commonly, 
known ways to sell and make a killing online. 

Ways To Make Motor Club Of America Aka The 
“Mca Scam: A Profitable Business 

In fact, YouTube,Google, Facebook, and emails 
are my main sources of traffic. 
Yep, using those common sources has made me 
roughly six-figures online in my MCA business..

As your continue to scroll down and read this blog,
I want you to think to yourself.. Hmm? 
How did you land on this blog? 

Did you come from Google, Facebook, YouTube or
maybe an email? Well, that same technique like 

(landing on the front page) of Google or ranking my 
YouTube videos has been converting like this for 
 me over the last past year and a half…

How I Avoided People Calling 
"Motor Club Of America”...The "MCA Scam"

Just imagine posting a status on Facebook and getting a sale 
from that status you posted 
about MCA or Motor Club of America...Or imagine 
writing a blog and getting it ranked #1 on 
Americas Favorite Search Engine, Google! 

 Beast Right ?

 This literally, happens to me on a daily bases…

The power of marketing and selling in a professional 
manner & blogging in MCA is very powerful especially on Facebook , 
because it gets so much traffic already! 

Your opportunities are endless when it
comes to working from home using sources of
traffic you use normally. Beast right?

Also, you may have even landed on this blog 
from my YouTube channel. That is another one of my most 
popular sources of traffic. 

Promoting your brand in a fashion that is not flashing 
money or "get rich quick scheme” will get you quality traffic 
that you need to make a substainable income. 

Imagine Getting your content in front of thousands of 
quality people who are ready to invest just by recording a 
5-minute video from the comfort of your home? 
Or you can be like me, and record high 
quality videos from a video office. 

Well whatever you choose , just keep in mind that 
videos are powerful and let's people know 
you are a real person and builds a level of 
trust with potential prospects and buyers!

Connecting Through Email 
On Auto-Pilot To Avoid Motor Club Of America Time Waisters!

Also, selling through email is really important! I mean, how cool 
would it be if you could just send out an email, and just watch 
your bank account overflow with sales, 

...all from just typing a few words a day and sending them 
out to people who want to know more about MCA. 

Well, with hard work, dedication, and a 
success driven mentality this concept known as 
email marketing may land you big bucks when 
you get this skill down packed. No…
It will not magically happen overnight. 

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